Natural Stunts v Computer Generated Imagery Special Effects In Movies?


Hello friends!

After seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I left the theatre asking myself which was better; older movies with natural stunts from Stuntmen, or computer generated imagery special effects, which have replaced the need for dangerous stunts.

I did enjoy the movie very much, but as with the last Superman movie, felt as if I was watching a video game. The movie setting always seemed to be in the dark, combined with the numerous explosions and destruction of property, which left me thinking that the video game special effects mentality in movies has gone too far. Oh sure…I understand that computer generated imagery is now the best option for flying superheroes around, and for destroying buildings in order to avoid the cheesy special effects, like in the older films such as the original Superman movies starring the late, great, Christopher Reeves. Or is required in movies like The Amazing Spiderman to make the stunts look realistic. But also watch again, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and see how awesome a movie can be with natural stunts. Indiana Jones running from the huge rolling ball in the cave was epic stunt work at its finest!

I was also recently told that the Die Hard movies starring Bruce Willis used stunts more than computer imagery, and ditto with the James Bond movies of past and present. If true, those are some great movies, even without all the computer generated special effects often found in many current action films.

When it comes right down to it, I’d prefer a 50/50 balance of natural stunts and computer generated imagery if possible. For example the 2002 release of Spiderman in which William Dafoe claimed to have done 90% of his own stunts. That’s what I’m talking about! A realistic and natural appearance not a video game appearance. Just compare the earlier Spiderman movies starring Tobey Macguire, to The Amazing Spiderman, and see the difference between natural stunts and computer generated imagery special effects. Although I like  both, I prefer the stunts in the original Spiderman movies. I’m no expert on this subject, just a fan of these fantastic movies both older and new. There’s something to be said about the usage of jaw-dropping stunts and explosions over fake imagery, and I hope movie producers begin trending back again. I also have a friend who works in the stunt department in Hollywood, and I would like to see him keep his job.

Which do you prefer?

Thank you!

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