Marketing Pros and Woe’s: Facebook verses Twitter


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Before I begin, let me inform you that the opinion’s in this blog, are my own personal views based on different experiences, learning curbs and frustrations, as well as gut instincts over the last year or two, when it comes to marketing on Twitter and Facebook. My views might not apply to other Authors, and I would always recommend that any new Authors, heed the advice of their publisher, agent, or those far more qualified to give marketing advice than myself. However, if you’re a recent new Author like me, you just might relate to what I write. Now that the disclaimer is over with, let me begin.


Since Village of the Full Moon Curse was released in 2013, I’ve heard from a number of sources that Facebook is the most important place for Author’s to market their books, and it’s probably true. However, for the past year, my number of new followers on Twitter has been skyrocketing, including Retweets of my websites. But on Facebook, I often feel as if I’m treading water, while wondering what the best approach to take for marketing is. This experience has made me recently question where most of my marketing energy should be focused.


I often visit other popular Author’s Facebook pages in search for new ideas to use for my own page. I’ve noticed that many big time, popular Authors, seem to flourish on Facebook. They’ve already built an enormous fan base from all over the world, their books are highly popular, and readers regularly inhabit their Facebook pages for hopeful conversation, or any inspirational quotes that they can find. Facebook definitely works best for the popular big boy Authors that everyone is familiar with! But what about us new unknown Authors, who folks outside of our small local markets have never heard of?


We can start a Facebook page, blog, post information about our books in hopes of growing a fan base, but honestly, it feels like it’s a slower than cold molasses process. I’ve conversed with other new Authors on Twitter and they share the same frustration. Some have even departed Facebook, and would rather market solely on Twitter. Why? No one has heard of us, and what better place to spread word about a new book across the globe than on Twitter. Seriously folks, I have followers from all over the world there, and I follow them as well. Many Retweet post and links to my books to their followers, and I return the favor to my followers. Thankfully, I now have over 9000 followers on Twitter, and in the last 28 days, my tweets have earned 67,854 impressions! I’m not sure what that means but it sounds good.

However on Facebook, I often feel fortunate and thankful to have one post shared. The same post that struggle to get views, likes, or shares on Facebook, get several likes and Retweets on Twitter. Now where do you think I want to spend more time marketing? You guessed it. On Twitter! At least it’s more fun there.

Another frustration that I sometimes have with Facebook, is on what material to market there. I write vampire, werewolf, and alien Science fiction books, so shouldn’t I be marketing for the fan base of that genre? There’s only so many pictures of aliens, vampires, and werewolves that I can post, and when I have tried, the views and interest seemed to be low. So I began posting scenic photos of Alaska in hopes of drawing more interest, which is currently working. However, I’m not Alaska magazine, so shouldn’t I be marketing Science fiction material instead? Lest I have folks visiting my page in order to admire the beautiful photos of Alaska, and who aren’t interested in my vampire, werewolf, and alien novels. So if you’re asking me how I intend to market my books on Facebook in the future, the answer is, ‘I don’t know.’ I don’t know how I should be marketing there. I’m still experimenting, learning, and it feels like a work in progress. But on Twitter, all you need to do is gain some followers, get a few allies to Retweet with, and you’ll start growing followers very quickly, and the word of your books will spread with it.

Don’t misunderstand me please. Although I prefer Twitter much more than Facebook, marketing on as many social avenues that you can find, is what’s recommended. Facebook allows you to converse with readers more than Twitter, and has far more potential once you become established. Market on as many social media sites as you’re able to handle. The proof of how you’re doing will ultimately be in the number of sales. Book sales will be the final judge of what works best for you, and I wish you all the best.

Thank you!

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