The War On Drugs & Violence.

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Increasing gun violence, illegal drugs flowing across our borders, rising drug use and growing addictions, gang violence, robberies, and yet more shootings! Is there a way to slow America’s escalating epidemic of self-destruction? I would like to hear the political candidates address this topic more, and come up with their new ideas to slow it down, and one that doesn’t include the legalization of drugs or banning guns. Maybe Donald Trump touched on it a little, when he mentioned building a wall along the Mexican border, but if I were a Presidential Candidate, I’d have a few of my own ideas to share with the American people.


Not long ago, while I was doing a book signing at a grocery chain store, an store employee told me that someone was recently arrested for trying to rob their pharmacy, after breaking into it from the rooftop. That same evening while watching the news, a big city pharmacy in another state, was robbed at gunpoint, and the suspects ran off with a number of various narcotic drugs. When I was on the Grand Jury last summer, most of the cases presented to us by the District Attorney were drug related cases. I even once worked with a nice fellow, who eventually was arrested after robbing a bank, because he was desperate for cocaine. Who suspected? Not me. Sadly, even Emergency Rooms have restricted the amount of pain medication they prescribe to those who truly need it, because of the numerous fraudulent visits by addicts or dealers over the years, looking for drugs.

Seemingly every night, the news channels are filled with armed robbery horror stories and shootings, which raises suspicions of drug involvement. Of course, not every shooting is drug related, and many are disturbing attacks by terrorist, criminals, or mentally unstable citizens in the heat of rage. School shootings are also heinous crimes  that needs addressing, but that’s another blog for another day. But whether it’s right or wrong, each time I hear reports of gang shootings, armed robberies, or assaults, in most cases, I’m suspicious that it’s drug related. If so, what to do? Is it possible to fight both increased gun violence and illegal drug use simultaneously, by any means possible? I’m not talking about preventing your neighbor from taking drugs, or recreational use mind you. Everyone needs to make a personal choice of right and wrong, although I support marijuana for medical use only. I’m talking about stopping the more serious crimes of gang violence connected to shootings, and illegal drug sales and abuse by criminals on both sides of our borders.


If a Muslim extremist gunned down innocent people on a Chicago City street, he would be branded a terrorist, and outrage would ensue, and rightfully so. But gang shootings seem to occur there on a daily basis, and the innocent often die, but our hands seem to be tied. Gang members showing no remorse, riddle bullets and spray gunfire with reckless abandon to send a message, and often bystanders are also struck in the mayhem. If gunning down other citizens is not an act of terrorism, what is? Because their crimes are so heinous and involves guns, maybe we should consider revoking their legal rights as citizens, and treat those criminals as terrorist, as with extremist.  

Illegal drugs are smuggled across the border because of the high demand, and we seem helpless to slow it down. Maybe it’s time to give the Mexican Cartel the terrorist label and treatment.  I understand that we have laws that govern our country, but maybe it’s time to tinker with a few of those laws. Maybe it’s time to permanently place military personal and equipment along the Mexican border, and make drug smuggling a terrorist act, instead of a crime. Stop the Cartel by any means necessary, including by the use of drones, bombs, military ground attacks, air strikes, and whatever else it takes to permanently wipe them out! The same force that we would inflict on Al Qaeda. Destroy the Cartel’s existence, and means of growing and transporting illegal drugs across the border, and drug related violence in our country should also decrease. Cut the snake’s head off! Naturally, I don’t want to see American turn into a police or military state, but I want to see a tougher approach taken against heinous crimes, including Capital Punishment. I realize that in our inner cities, the lack of jobs is part of the problem there, but first we have to make those streets safe, before business will want to come. Who wants to start a business in a war zone. It also doesn’t help that selling drugs brings more power and profit than many jobs. I’m not endorsing higher wages but instead, making the streets safe. It’s pathetic for anyone living in those areas, to fear for their lives. Drive or walk down the wrong street at night, and it could cost you your life. Seriously? In America? I say enough is enough!


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