Fight Night! Legendary Confrontations.

Hello friends.

Rocky versus Drago! Godzilla versus any giant creature! King Kong versus a giant snake, and soon to be released, Superman versus Batman! What are your favorite Hollywood fictional combatants’ of all time?

Release a cool superhero movie like The Avengers, Spiderman, or X-Men, and I’m watching! I even enjoy PBS shows like Doctor Who, but especially love the CW TV series-The Flash, and The Originals, and all the supernatural skirmishes those characters often get into, as well as the new show on CBS, Super Girl. It’s been cool seeing all these comic book heroes and villains being introduced to film and TV shows like Small-Ville, Gotham and Arrow in recent years, and now rumors of The Rise Of The Justice League, and Wonder Woman coming to the big screen, is super exciting and been long overdue. In fact, I love this genre so much, that I wrote three novels with both mortal and supernatural heroes and villains inside their pages!

I rank my top-five, favorite fictional combatants of all time, and their deadly confrontations that helped to inspire my imagination beyond belief.

Number five- Freddy vs Jason!

The movie is a little gory, but seeing these two legends of horror that never die, being locked in brutal combat, was fun to watch. Freddy Krueger had the advantage in his dream world, but once Jason Voorhees brought him into the conscious realm, the advantage drastically swung in his favor.

Number four- Species 8472 vs the Borg!

For anyone who ever watched and enjoyed Star Trek-The Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager, you remember how badass the Borg were. They were a powerful species of Cyborgs that struck fear into the hearts of every other species that encountered them, and nearly assimilated humankind into their collective, turning them into Borg. They were at the top of the alien food-chain, until they eventually encountered, and messed with the wrong species from the Delta Quadrant, a species which proved to be more dangerous and powerful than themselves,-Species 8472!

Number three- Alien vs Predator!

I fell in love with the first Predator movie that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, and featured an imposing alien creature with incredible stealth, size, and strength, as well as advanced weaponry and technology, hunting a commando team in the jungle. I also liked Predator 2, albeit not as much as the original. However, I didn’t think any alien could best the Predator in a one on one confrontation, until I began watching the Alien vs Predator movies. Pure adrenaline rush!

Number two- Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Spinosaurus!

Did anyone watch Jurassic Park 3? The fight to the death, between the two mammoth carnivores sent a chill down my spine! I loved the newest release Jurassic World, even more, and viewers were treated to another thrilling confrontation, involving a T-Rex, Velociraptor, and hybrid-species. Now I want to see the hybrid from the latest movie, take on the Spinosaurus from the third movie. That would be cool.

Number one- Vampire vs Werewolf!

In my opinion, these are the most exciting supernatural battles in film or TV. Any movies or Television series, which show deadly fights between vamps and werewolves, like Underworld, Van Helsing, Twilight, The Originals, and Vampire Diaries, are my favorite thrillers, and they helped inspire me to write my first novel, Village Of The Full Moon Curse.

Thank You.

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