Dan Griffin was born in Bangor, Maine in 1963, and was raised on a small dairy farm in Levant, ME until 1981; the year that I graduated from high school.  I began working various odd jobs until 1990, when I decided to move to Fairbanks, Alaska in search of adventure, and is now my permanent home.  I have always loved the outdoors and outdoor activities, with hiking, fishing, and motorcycle riding, being a few of my favorites.  I have always had a wild and crazy imagination since childhood, and am especially a big fan of fiction.

This book is my first-ever attempt at writing and putting some of my imaginative thoughts down on paper, which came to me one cold and dark, January day, when driving to Central, Alaska. I am also presently writing my second fictional novel called, "Sky Streak of Terror," which I intend, and hope to release by year's end.  I enjoy writing very much, and have had a great deal of fun, and hope that readers will enjoy pursuing my work also. Thank you for visiting my web site!